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COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness (Live Map)

Latest Covid-19 updates provided by LSBHIDEI. (AUGUST 2, 2021)

1-855-284-2494  (TTY 724-631-5600)
PA Department of Human Services Statewide Support & Referral Line
Assists Pennsylvanians experiencing anxiety or other challenging emotions due to the COVID-19 emergency.

  • Staffed by skilled and compassionate staff
  • Available 24 hours/day
  • Will provide referrals to community based resources to meet individual needs

Department of Human Services (DHS)/PA Department of Health (PA DOH) Partner with Rite-Aid to Expand Vaccinations

Pennsylvania is participating in the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program in order to coordinate vaccination for skilled nursing facilities, which are licensed by the Department of Health (DOH), as well as personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities licensed by the Department of Human Services (DHS). The federal Pharmacy Partnership Program began vaccinating skilled nursing facilities on December 28, 2020 and expanded to personal care homes and assisted living facilities last week. 

Other long-term and congregate care settings included in Phase 1A of Pennsylvania’s Interim Vaccination Plan, including group homes for people with disabilities; residential treatment facilities and long-term structured residences for adults with behavioral health needs; and private psychiatric hospitals, are not included in the federal partnership but are still in the first prioritization group due to the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks in congregate settings serving people who have co-occurring medical needs that put them at risk of more severe cases if they contract COVID-19. Some personal care homes and assisted living facilities were also not enrolled in the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program. 

The Wolf Administration is committed to ensuring that residents of all long-term care and congregate care settings and the dedicated staff providing care and services are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they choose. DHS and DOH are partnering with Rite Aid beginning January 27 to vaccinate DHS-licensed long-term care facilities not included in or not currently scheduled or enrolled with the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program.  

Although this program will start scheduling for next week, this will be a multi-week effort based on vaccine availability. Clinics will be established where residents and staff of these facilities can go to obtain vaccine doses at a scheduled time. Vaccinations will take place on-site at facilities where individuals served are not able to travel to a clinic site.  

Phase 1A facilities eligible for this vaccination through this partnership will be contacted in the near future by their licensing office with details to assist them to prepare for vaccinations and vaccination clinic schedules for their area. This effort is separate from the Retail Pharmacy Partnership program, so please wait for further direction and do not contact Rite Aid locations directly.  

If you have questions about this process, please email your licensing office: 

DOH also recently released a map of vaccine providers that can administer a COVID-19 vaccine to anyone covered by Phase 1A. Anyone covered under Phase 1A that has not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine can contact any of these providers to check availability and schedule a vaccination, and we encourage providers to contact sites and coordinate for their employees who are eligible. Employees should be prepared to show proof of employment. This map is being updated regularly, so please keep checking for new locations with vaccine supply and available appointments. 

As vaccine supply is limited, this process will take some time, but we are grateful for the opportunity and partnership with Rite Aid to help each of you and the people you serve get vaccinated. We recognize that you may still have some questions about the vaccines and how they work. We encourage you to look over resources from the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and please be on the lookout for additional educational resources over the next few weeks. 

Thank you for your patience through this process, and most importantly, thank you for being united in our collective fight against COVID-19.